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AC Caribbean Carnival Parade

AC Caribbean Carnival Parade
July 15, 2017 | 1-6PM
Pleasantville Middle School Field
Rain or Shine


The AC Caribbean Carnival (ACCC) was July 15,  2017 and was a spectrum of Caribbean food, culture, costumes and a free concert that showcased the Caribbean tradition of Carnival. The carnival featured an effervescent parade of magnificent costumed performers dancing to the colorful sounds of Caribbean music which included Soca, Tassa, Calypso, Reggae and steel drums vibrating through the warm moist Atlantic air as performers moved rhythmically through the streets of Pleasantville. A pop-up shower near the end of the parade cooled off the hot Caribbean sounds echoing through the suburbs. This year the City of Pleasantville was proud to host the Saturday, July 15 parade and Caribbean Carnival Village at the Pleasantville Middle School Field on Mill Road!

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